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S3 E2 Writer - Gina Evans

Writer, Reader, Critic and Friend - Gina Evans and I sit down and try to talk about writing, while we also are meeting in person for the first time.


S3 E1 Interconnected

Biologist and Friend, Danny Hill and I discuss the Interconnected Nature of Nature. 


S2 E7 - The All Volunteer Force

My Great Friend, Retired Major General Dennis Laich takes time out of his busy schedule to talk all things AVF (All Volunteer Force) and some other stuff as well. 


S2 E6 - Dawn Larsen Music Dot Com

My friend Dawn Larsen talks about women in the performing arts, the arc of her career and we do a little trash talking.


S2 E5 - Mike in the AVL

My good friend Mike Clifford allows me to fulfill my dream of taking the Podcast on the road in an experiment that could have turned out worse as we discuss the AVL, SNL and other things that probably only we care about.


S2 E4 - Stephanie

The Amazing and Wonderful Stephanie Forte visits and the pressure is on George to get it right.  A long one, but worth the time investment.  Stephanie is a treasure !!


S2 E3 - Hilary with a Splash of Vodka

Hilary and I talk about our love of movies, while we take "Vodka Shot Breaks" and have a few laughs.

Also:  Is Will Smith the next James Stewart?

And: Why aren't you searching "Peter Lorre"?


S2 E2 - Devin Shares (Mental Health IS Health)

Devin shares her experiences, awakenings and learning about her mental health in general and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in particular.


Great job Devin, your courage should make us all proud !!


S2 E1 - Andrea and George

Andrea and George talk about England vs America, Travel, Fish and Chips, Amazing Friends, Several "P" words, a "C" word and Spunky, Spunk.....


After 20+ years, there is a lot to talk about.


S1 E12 - Dax, Brad and Lasik

George and Devin talk about the Celebrities they love and at least one that they don't.  Also the miracle of Lasik. 


S1 E11 - Glue, Sauce and Being Alone

Devin Cribb joins George to Talk about Talking about stuff 


S1 E10 - Social Media and So Much More

The Love/Hate Relationship that we all have with Social Media is explored. 


S1 E9 - Angels & Unicorns

We talk about things that don't exist - like our imaginary audience. 


S1 E8 - Atheism, According to George

George tries to explain his version of Atheism and how he got there. 


S1 E7 - Laci's Spirituality "The ThingS that She Believes"

Laci discusses her belief system and George is just George, a man and his Buddha. 

S1 E6 - Balls, The Skin Care Line

Laci educates George on Skin Care, George educates Laci on Itchy Balls. 


S1 E5.1 -  Abortion Monologues

S1 E5.2 - Abortion Dialogue

In this two part episode Laci and George talk about the difficult topic of Abortion. 

S1 E4 - Birds, Butts and Bumper Stickers

You would think that this episode title is self explanatory. 


S1 E3 - Laci

We get to know Laci through and attempt by George to interview her ! 


S1 E2 - George

Laci interviews George, about.... well, George 


S1 E1 - Beginnings

In this episode George and Laci introduce the Concept of Talk'n Turns and how the Podcast came to be.  

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